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May 24, 2012

SwiftKey is a popular Keyboard, for Android devices. Its smooth and efficient. It saves you so much time by guessing words that it thinks you are typing. You can win a Smartphone or a Tablet of your choice, ANY, the only condition being that its price should be till $800. All you have to do is fill up a survey. Its not really big, takes 5-7 mins to fill up.

To Win Smartphone or a Tablet of your choice:
  1. Click Here to go to their survey page
  2. Complete the survey
  3. In the end of the survey, dont forget to enter your email ID, that is the only way they can contact you if you have won.

Note: You have to be 18 or above. This contest is open to Global applicants, so anyone can try. Contest ends on 
Wednesday 6th June.